Thursday, 20 March 2014

Coastal bushcraft, relearning everything.

As mentioned I live in SW Scotland, it's a great place to live for a bushcrafter. I can litterally experience every type of environment (apart from dessert), not too far away from my doorstep. I have coniferous and broadleaf woods, open moorland, mountains and coastline all within 12 miles. Recently I've been thinking though, I've not done much on the coast, a little fishing and foraging, camped a night or two aswell. This made me think though why not attain more coastal skills. 

The solway coast is basically a very large estuary, a few miles across that separates my region of Scotland from Cumbria and the lakes. However the tide is viciously fast and in some areas the seawater disappears all together at low tide. There is also a risk of quicksand to contend with too. As well as the occasional WW2 mine that was installed to prevent U boats attacking the munitions factories in the area.

Now kit wise I need to pack for pretty terrible conditions, and leave my carbon knives at home. It's imperative I take more care here than anywhere else as the risks are so high. I will also have to buy a copy of the tide times from my local pub (they also deal with the permits for fishing the annan river). For anyone who is interested, in my opinion a £2 printed book on the tide times may well save your life. For this coast it's imperative you know them many people have been swept out on this coast. These can often be bought at chandlers and tackle shops too. 

So once the weather improves a bit, don't fancy the risk ATM, I hope to get out and learn a lot more about Coastalcrafting. 

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