Friday, 11 April 2014

Bushcraft, the reality for the common man

Unless you have long arms and very shallow pockets, you'll know where this is headed.

The reality for the common man is bushcraft can be expensive. I'm not talking about top end gear, I'm talking about trying to fit your needs. We all have to inevitably buy things as much as this clashes with my scottish stereotype. The problem is finding kit that fits your needs.

Being a big lad, I always have had problems getting clothes to fit. I struggle with getting trousers and sleeves to fit my longer than average limbs, and virtually nowhere stocks my size. I wish it was the case I could go into an army surplus shop and buy cheap issue light weights but it's not the case. I know that I will end up getting the £100 trekking trousers that  come with an unstitched leg so I can make them fit. It may not be a height issue it could be that you are of a round figure and nobody stocks your waist size.

It's unfortunate too that we have to go through the trial and error method too. I have a cupboard full of stuff that I may not use regularly or at all.Now I know  there are cheaper ways to do things but materials cost money too.

When we buy tools we are unable to make, that costs us money. Then we have to invest in the kit to repair the kit we already have, again money.

The truth is bushcraft isn't cheap, it's all relative. You buy the best you can sensibly afford, but that boils down to the funds available. 

There's many sources saying, you can do it cheap. There is one bit that isn't mentioned though, you will break/ wear out/ out grow it. I've managed to make a kit up for less than £100 but I wouldn't say it would last under heavy use. I'm not the titanium spork guy, just a regular guy. I try and be frugal about bushcraft, but it doesn't always work.

I've decided though, I need space, and what is going to definitely be surplus to requirements I will gift to the beginners I know. It's possibly the best thing I can do to help.

If you have any ideas on how to save cash please leave them, or even your thoughts on the subject in general.

Cheers Shug

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