Sunday, 18 January 2015

Been a while.......

WLife can be a bit hectic in all honesty, part and parcel to having to have a job, pay bills and all the rest of that fun stuff. However I do promise to start posting again.

Well now the boring bit is over lets get down to some wilderness skills. The skill I will share with you is the art of Fly tying, whereby you use fur and feathers (natural things) to create an imitation of a fishes natural dinner....... Yummy.

It's true we all seem to have this addiction to carrying gear and or making it, fishing gear is no exception to this rule.
Here's a few pictures as to what is possible and I will make a mini series based on using only materials you can find and use in the wild..... IE no exotic or dyed stuff, although I might use some materials we all carry anyway.

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