Tuesday, 18 February 2014

My view on bushcraft.

To define what bushcraft involves you have to define what bushcraft is. My view is that it is where you go beyond survival, to the point that you have the necessary skills to live and be comfortable in the wilderness. To a point a bushcrafter wants to be there.

Although there are many times where the lines cross between bushcraft and survivalism. It starts to very very hazy at times. I realise that in reality there are many shared skills, tools and you will often realise it becomes almost identical. However then you realise it isn't. I'm not trying to get my backside out alive I am quite happy where I am.

I could go down the route of the age old cliché statements. But I'm not, I find more often than not there is always some  pretentiousness  to them. As your going to find out, I'm going to be objective......... Possibly the worst person to take wine tasting.

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